Bike Hub contributes £30k p.a. to Scottish ‘Bikeability’

At the Cycling Scotland Annual Conference, which finished yesterday, Cycling Scotland’s chief executive Ian Aitken announced that the Bike Hub levy fund would contribute £30,000 p.a. towards the new fully integrated cycle training scheme for children in Scotland. 

This mirrors the National Cycle Training Standards in England – which is branded as Bikeability. The Scottish scheme also has three levels of progression from playground to on-road training. Children are trained on how to safely cycle to school on minor roads. 

The Scottish Government is still considering proposals for the naming of this scheme. It is not known as Bikeability, but a number of organisations suggest this would be a logical and nationally-consistent move.

Bike Hub is the UK cycle industry’s levy scheme. Suppliers and bike shops pay 0.1 percent of sales to help pay for cycling schemes to get new people on bicycles. Bike Hub contributes to Bike Week and via, the New Ideas Fund, to schemes such as Age Well on Wheels in London, and Darlovelo in Darlington, an initiative to get more young women to ride bicycles as everyday transport.

Bike Hub also pays for the free iPhone Bike Hub app which is a bike shop locator and journey planner. An Android version of this app will be introduced in December.

The levy scheme is a joint initiative of the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders.

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