Scottish schools win Big Pedal by logging most bike journeys

The Big Pedal, a 3 week event staged by Sustrans, is a bike-to-school event. It’s funded by Bike Hub. The 2012 Big Pedal has just finished and was bigger than the two previous annual stagings of the event. Schools compete to log bike journeys to school; journeys that may otherwise have been undertaken in cars.

Over the course of the three week competition – 5-26th March – a total of 890,304 journeys were clocked on the Big Pedal counter. The total for Big Pedal 2011 was 606,919 journeys.

The winning small primary school was Leswalt School of Stranraer; the winning large primary school was Oakhurst Community Primary School of Swindon; the winning secondary school was Aboyne Academy of Aberdeenshire).

959 schools took part in the event: 898 primaries and 61 secondaries. The total combined roll of all these schools is 311,776 pupils, all of whom would have been exposed to the bike-to-school message.

890,304 total journeys were logged, of which 760,050 were pupils arriving at school on either bikes or scooters.

In participating schools, an average of 21 percent of pupils cycled in during the three weeks of the events. This rose to 25 percent on the final day of the competition.

Sustrans said the bike-to-school journeys took the place of 1,520,100 car journeys, saving 59,021 gallons of fuel, a saving of £368,484.

If cycling levels during the Big Pedal were maintained for the whole of the year there would be petrol cost saving of £2,947,878.

Sustrans said the event had generated 80 pieces of media coverage reaching a circulation of 8 million people with a PR value of £63,247.

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