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Cycling and the law
“Can my 11 year old cycle on the pavement?”; “do I have to dismount my bicycle when a sign says so,” and “can I be done for cycling furiously?” and many other UK-specific legal questions discussed.

Where to recycle your bicycle (or refurbish one at a community cycle scheme)
A growing number of bicycle recycling schemes across the country are harnessing the social and economic power of the bicycle, raising money for charitable work or collecting bicycles for dispatch to the Developing World. Laura Laker finds that most of these bicycle recycling schemes also empower disadvantaged people, whether through skills sharing and confidence building or simply by providing affordable transport. There are an increasing number of community cycling projects – some sell or donate bicycles here or abroad, others don’t. Here’s a list of 80 schemes around the UK.

Cycle crema: Britain’s 65 bicycle-themed coffee and cake stops
The “cafe stop” is a tradition in cycling. Cyclists love tea and coffee, and eat lots (they need carbs and caffeine to fuel the ride). The following cafes – often owned and run by cyclists – use cycling as part and parcel of their ambience. Some are out in the sticks, others are urban.

Cycling and coffee: why are they so good together?
Forget EPO, the number one cycling drug is what the US Food and Drug Administration lists as 3G6A5W338E. Everybody else calls it caffeine.

Pedalling propaganda: bike books for kids
Want to inject a bit of cycling culture into your wee ‘uns? Get them enthused about cycling from a very early age by accidentally-on-purpose stocking your home library with bike-friendly books.

Cycle to Work Scheme
Cycle to Work is a tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to, er, cycle to work, thereby reducing air pollution and improving their health.

Buying a Bike
Nowadays, bicycles are easier to ride than ever before. Lightweight frames, indexed derailleur gears (which click-click into place) and strong, reliable brakes mean the bicycles of today look great, are easy-to-use and, if kept in good nick, will be highly efficient. Considering the amount of moving parts they are made up of, and the enjoyment to be gained from them, bicycles are remarkably good value for money.

Electric bikes: what’s all the buzz about?
For some people, electric bikes allow them to get to work without breaking a sweat; for others an electric bike is a means to keep up with a stronger partner. Pretty much everybody who rides one says they’re a lot of fun and it’s like having a tailwind with you at all times