Bike Hub iPhone app now available

Bike hub app

The Bike Hub cycle journey planning and bike shop finding iPhone app is now available in Apple’s app store. The app is free, paid for by the Bike Hub levy scheme. Download it here. Below is the iTunes description text.

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The Bike Hub app finds the quickest or quietest cycle routes; and can locate your nearest bike shops. This is NOT a sports app. It won’t link to your HRM with ANT+; tell you how many donuts you’ve burnt; or Twitter your cycle ride stats.

The cycle routing is done via This bicycle journey planning website uses mathematical graph theory algorithms to quickly work out great bike routes. But it’s not just nodes and networks, Bike Hub mapping benefits from local, expert knowledge.


Want a fast route to a railway station? Choose ‘Quickest route’ and you’ll be directed via roads (although not dual carriageways or motorways). Don’t care to mingle with motorised traffic? Choose ‘Quietest route’ and the app will use OpenCycleMap to guide you along back-streets and, where available and sensible, cycle routes. The ‘Balanced route’ provides a good mix between the two extremes of ‘Fastest route’ and ‘Quietest route’. Don’t like hills? The Bike Hub app avoids them as much as possible.

Fire up the Bike Hub app to locate the nearest independent bicycle dealers in a six mile radius.

The Bike Hub app was built for towns and cities but it is also excellent for out-in-the-sticks cycle touring. Currently, the Cyclestreets journey planner can construct journeys up to a maximum of 50kms, though that restriction will be extended as the coding matures. The app is NOT designed for Lands End to John o’Groats routing but can be a useful planning tool between towns, or when already out on tour.

Users of this app in London will appreciate the location data for the Barclays Cycle Hire Bikes. Note: this app does not pull in live bike availability data from Transport for London (TfL). There are other apps that do this, such as London Cycle App and the Cycle Hire App.


The Bike Hub app also has a news section, a cycling events calendar and longer features…

* Info on the Cycle to Work scheme
* Cycling and the law
* Off-road riding do’s and don’ts
* Best ever quotes about cycling.

Route finding requires access to online mapping so, to use the journey planning and bike shop locator functions, the Bike Hub app requires Wifi or a mobile phone signal, preferably 3G. Ditto for the news feed. However, the feature articles are hard-wired into the app and can be accessed without Wifi or a phone signal. uses postcode and name place finding tools: these will be improved over time.


Users of this app will notice some city maps have more details than others. Cambridge and London, for instance, are extremely detailed. YOU can help update your area. The Bike Hub app relies on the network node coding of the Cyclestreets chaps and they, in turn, rely on the dedicated volunteers who upload fixes and new points of interest to OpenStreetMap. Please consider signing up to and using a free OSM editing app such as Mapzen POI Collector which lets you add businesses, local amenities and other places of interest to OpenStreetMap, direct from your iPhone. Or consider becoming part of the OSM community by adding data via your desktop with online services such as

The Bike Hub app is dead useful, took a lot of time to commission and code, and cost a great deal of cash to build. So, how come it’s free? It’s free because it was funded by the Bike Hub levy. This is a voluntary levy on most of the bicycles and bits sold in UK bike shops. The Bike Hub levy is operated by the Bicycle Association of GB and the Association of Cycle Traders.

DOWNLOAD HERE…and please consider rating the app on iTunes. Thanks.

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