Bike Hub app could be plugged by Apple in Maps for iOS6

At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, held earlier this week in San Francisco, Apple announced it was to unbundle Google Maps from future iPhones and use its own Maps software instead. This program will have turn by turn navigation for motorists but turn by turn navigation for cycling and walking would be left to third-party apps.

Apple’s iOS software chief Scott Forstall said:

“When building Maps, we looked around and realised the best transit apps for metros, for hiking, for biking, are coming from our developers. And so instead of trying to develop those ourselves, we are going to integrate and feature and promote apps for transit [and cycling and walking] right within the Maps app in iOS 6.”

Bike Hub’s iPhone cycle satnav app could take advantage of Apple’s promise. Currently the app uses OpenStreetMap and OS mapping.

Release notes included with the first developer beta of iOS 6 describe how apps could integrate with Maps:

“Apps that offer routing information, such as turn-by-turn navigation services, can now register as a routing app and make those services available to the entire system.

“Registering as a routing app gives you more opportunities to get your app in front of users. Routing apps are not limited to just driving or walking directions. Routing apps can also include apps that provide directions for the user’s favorite bicycle or hiking trail, for air routes, and for subway or other public transportation lines.”

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