“Anyone can ride a bike,” stresses Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

While some road safety teams focus on the dangers of cycling, the road safety team at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have produced a campaign that stresses anybody and almost everybody can ride a bike. And do.

Photos of ordinary folks making their way around the borough on their bikes is part of a ‘Like Riding a Bike’ exhibition championing cycling. A behind-the-scenes look at how the beautiful photos were taken can be viewed here:

The video shows that people are getting around London on bikes, with no sweat.

The Kensington and Chelsea road safety team said: “‘Like Riding a Bike’ is a campaign designed to try and change the way non-cyclists view cycling. The campaign references those carefree, happy days of childhood cycling, free-wheeling downhill with the wind in your hair moments.”

A selection of stills can be viewed here.

When the borough’s road safety team do focus on danger, they do it well, mainly by aiming the blame not at the victims but at those who cause the danger: speeding, inattentive motorists and cyclists.

The ‘Your mother’ campaign personalises the dangers of driving too fast and cycling without consideration for pedestrians. “Treat other road users as though they’re your family,” says the campaign video.

The video “promotes tolerant, responsible and above all respectful road use…by challenging perceptions and highlighting the most vulnerable road users.”

Hat tip to iBikeLondon.

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