Boris opens London’s first separated cycle superhighway

People on cycles now have a fully-protected route through one of London’s busiest gyratories and across Vauxhall Bridge after London Mayor Boris Johnson officially opened the new Oval to Pimlico cycle superhighway.

The new continuous two-way and separated cycle lane runs for as mile, providing a free-of-motors route for all ages and abilities through Vauxhall gyratory and across Vauxhall Bridge.

In the busiest peak hour, more than 750 cyclists are already using the new dedicated segregated lane which was opened three weeks ago. This is a 29 per cent increase to the total number crossing the Vauxhall bridge in the same hour before the segregated cycle tracks were installed.

The number of extra cyclists using the segregated route is already the equivalent of taking 113 cars an hour off Vauxhall Bridge.

It links with the existing Cycle Superhighway 8 at Millbank and provides a connection with Cycle Superhighway 7 at Oval, where substantial improvements for cyclists at the junction are now nearing completion. The new route also links into existing cycle routes through Kennington Oval and along Meadow Road by the Kia Oval, as well as the extensive network of back-street “Quietway” routes which are planned for Westminster and Lambeth.

Before the improvements, cyclists accounted for almost a quarter of rush-hour traffic through Vauxhall with around 580 in the busiest peak hour. With the opening of the new route, the proportion of rush-hour cycling traffic has already risen to almost 40 per cent.

Johnson, pictured on Vauxhall bridge earlier today, said: “With London’s population growing by 10,000 a month, there are only two ways to keep traffic moving – build more roads, which is for the most part physically impossible, or encourage the use of vehicles, such as bikes, which better use the space on the roads we’ve already got.”

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