Cycling is on the increase, shows Gov survey

Government data published this morning confirms that in 2009 cycle use increased to the highest level in decades. CTC has welcomed the results of the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey, which gives an annual snapshot of travel trends in Great Britain.

CTC Policy Coordinator Chris Peck said: “We expected that the recession, along with high fuel prices, would lead to an increase in cycling. What is surprising is that the growth is particularly associated with those in the highest income bracket, which may be as a result of the boom in leisure cycling and commuting by bike. The upward trend has been most marked in the south of England, with 8 percent of inner London residents and one in 25 workers in the South East and South West now saying they cycle to work.

“At the same time as cycling is increasing, car use is steadily falling. Expenditure on new cars is down by 13% in three years, while sales of bikes have soared by 25% over the same period.”

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