Four ‘kids on bikes’ articles added to the features section

The Bike Hub features section has in-depth articles on the law and cycling, the cycle to work scheme, and cycling to school. It has now been boosted by four major articles on children and cycling. When one of these articles was posted online earlier, Tweetymike tweeted: “Fabulous piece on kids, bikes and overall safety culture. Must-read for every parent.”

Carrying children on bikes
Child seats. Trailers. Tagalongs. Cargo bikes. With the right kit you can carry children from birth right through until they can ride on their own.

Teaching your child to ride a bike
Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s milestones, a white-knuckle introduction to mobile independence. It’s a rite-of-passage thing, exciting yet potentially terrifying at the same time.

Kids love bikes: here’s why
Cycling is a life-enhancer. It’s a balancing act, a mode of transport, a tool for exploratory play, and a form of exercise, all in the same eco-friendly package. Pumping those pedals is good for the heart, yet it’s not a chore. It’s fun. For kids, learning to ride a bike is a key rite of passage. A bike is independent transport for a child, no longer just a passenger. A bike is wings.

Cycling is safe for kids, no need to wrap them in cotton-wool
Cycling involves speed. By its very nature it involves a modicum of risk, from scraped palms to nettled knees through to gravel rash, broken collarbones and worse. Eek. Sounds terrible. It’s not. Prangs are common. Falls and smashes are rare; deaths incredibly rare.

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