More Boris Bikes on the way as scheme is extended

Following today’s announcement in the Comprehensive Spending Review of a better than expected funding settlement for London, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said Transport for London’s cycle hire scheme would be extended.

According to the Mayor, the Cycle Hire scheme will be expanded eastwards to Docklands. The scheme will also be intensified in Zone 1, with more docking stations and bikes, including around 350 bikes at Waterloo station.

The Cycle Superhighways project will continue with its plan to build 12 radial commuter routes from the suburbs to central London by 2015.

The first two Superhighways opened in July 2010.

London Cycling Campaign has welcomed the Mayor’s announcement that spending for cycling will be maintained. 

LCC’s new chief executive Ashok Sinha said: “In recent months, LCC has made the case strongly that cycling programmes are fantastic value for money, and that it makes no economic sense to cut them.

“Investment in cycling in the UK has been shown to give a return of £3 for every £1 spent, with much of this coming via crucial health benefits.

“Investing in London cycling is a cost-effective opportunity to relieve the pressure on the NHS, and create a less congested, cleaner, happier and more mobile city.”

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