Rail station opens ‘self service’ Brompton rental scheme

Guildford Station instals solar-powered Brompton bike dock.

South West Trains has launched the UK’s first ‘self-service’ Brompton Bicycle rental scheme with the introduction of an bike dock at Guildford Station.

The solar-powered Brompton bike dock marks the latest stage of a long-running partnership between South West Trains and Brompton Bicycle.

South West Trains initially joined forces with Brompton in a bid to encourage passengers to cycle as part of a fully integrated low carbon journey combining bike and train.

Now, passengers at Guildford station are the first in the country to be offered one of the 80 Brompton bikes for rent through the self-service dock scheme as part of the strategy to promote cycling as an eco-friendly last-mile feeder link to and from the station.

The Brompton dock makes maximum use of the space at Guildford station, using only one car parking space to store up to 80 bikes. The dock is a self-contained unit entirely powered by solar-panels, manufactured in the UK and is made from 95 percent recycled material. The bikes are securely enclosed behind a silver-grey façade and are displayed in lockers.  

The bikes are hired with a smartcard. Rental rates start at £1.60 a day if hiring for a week. There’s also a membership fee.

Phil Dominey, Stakeholder Manager for South West Trains said: “We believe this will make it easier for people to cycle to or from Guildford station. It is another step to encourage more passengers to think of alternatives to the car.”

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