Making the school run safer for kids could halt the inactivity pandemic

A new report from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Primary Care & Public Health has stated that England’s inactivity pandemic, through its resulting diseases, is responsible for 17 percent of premature deaths and costs the National Health Service an estimated £10bn a year in treatment. Sustrans believes it has a solution…

Philip Insall, Director of Health for Sustrans, said:

“This report shows how health sector leaders need to think outside the box of traditional healthcare spending, and shift it towards health promotion rather than disease treatment.’

“Fixing this inactivity pandemic will require us to incorporate physical activity into everything we do in our daily lives.”

The report states that a physical activity culture change in the general public could save 37,000 lives per year.

Insall agreed:

“Good habits start young. We really must encourage children to be more active as part of their normal daily life, and for most children that should include walking or cycling to school.’

“This means making the school run safer – through 20mph speed limits and more investment in walking and cycle infrastructure, rather than spending on motor transport. Health sector leaders are well placed to advocate for that change, as the All Party Group has done.”

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