A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away

A survey conducted for Men’s Health Week shows that 70 percent of men care more about their cars than they do their health. Clearly, this is bad for men, and bad for the NHS. Sustrans suggests that the way to better male health is as easy as riding a bike.

Short regular bike rides are worth £174m in benefits to male health according to Sustrans.

The Network’s recent annual usage report shows that of the 216 million cycling trips made on the National Cycle Network in 2010, 67 percent were done by men, with a median trip length being a short 6.4km (or 3.9 miles). The annual health benefit of these trips made by men is valued at nearly £174m.

Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive of Sustrans, said:

“In a time when over two thirds of UK men are overweight or obese, finding easy ways to get regular exercise within busy lifestyles is a key way men can improve their health and help lessen the burden to the NHS. Swapping a short car journey for a bike ride is an easy way to be more active as part of their daily routine.”

National Men’s Health Week runs each year in the week leading up to father’s day. 2011 will run between 13th June – 19th June.

Sustrans supports National Men’s Health Week in England and Wales which this year is focusing on how technology can engage men with their health and opportunities for healthier living.

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