Bike bridges and more washed away in Cumbrian floods

At least two bicycle bridges have been lost to floods in Cumbria and several paths and roads within the National Cycle Network are submerged, reports Sustrans.

NCN route 71, Hadrian’s Cycle Way and the Sea to Sea are temporarily closed due to flooding. Many on-road sections of the Network are also affected.

Nikki Wingfield, Cumbria Area manager for Sustrans, and maintenance supervisor Andy Small are currently trying to assess the extent of damage to the network in Cumbria. They are unable to access all sections due to the floods, but have reports of the following damage:

C2C: temporarily closed

Workington to Keswick section closed

Braithwaite: the C2C is impassable due to a collapsed bridge
Keswick and Threlkeld: 1 bridge lost, unconfirmed reports of another bridge lost
Route 71: temporarily closed

Braithwaite: Route 71 is impassable due to collapsed bridge
Route 6: check Council updates before use

Kendal: flooding in town centre and surrounding area; bridges awaiting inspection by Cumbria County Council. Do not use
Grasmere – Keswick: A591 has collapsed
Route 7: advise no travel on this route until cleared for use

Flooding at Carlisle and at Westlington Castle.

Route 72 (Hadrian’s Cycleway): Advise no travel on these routes until cleared for use

Flooding at Carlisle and by the Eden River
Route 700: several sections closed. Check before travel

Flooding at Levens, bridge across Leven at Greenodd closed until cleared by Cumbria County Council
Floods in Lancaster
Route 68

Appleby: flooding and main road bridge awaiting inspection by Cumbria County Council

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