Bike Week aims to fettle record number of bikes

Team Green Britain Bike Week will feature ‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’, an attempt to fix as many bikes as possible in a week.

Bike shops and home mechanics will be asked to supply records of the bikes fixed during this year’s Bike Week, 18-26th June.

Chris Compton of Compton Cycles said: “As an independent business we are facing increasing competition from some of the bigger players and so we’re supporting ‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’ to benefit from national and local publicity, a profile on the Team Green Britain Bike Week website and the opportunity it gives us to have face to face contact with potential new customers, which we know will drive business growth in the longer term.”

Team Green Britain Bike Week is this year funded by a mixture of bike industry and corporate support. The industry doubled its financial contribution via the Bike Hub levy fund and EDF Energy, Britain’s largest producer of low carbon electricity, has confirmed a second year of sponsorship.

Phillip Darnton, deputy president of the Bicycle Association said: “Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix aims to help everyone, from families and people who have never cycled before, as well as those who need an incentive to cycle to work, and, of course, seasoned cyclists. Hopping on a bike not only helps you get fit, it can be really convenient and since there’s no fuel to buy, it can help you save money too.

“The cycle industry has financially supported Bike Week since 2004, and with some other sources of funding this year being reduced or withdrawn, the cycle industry, through Bike Hub, has more than doubled its contribution to this important annual national event.”

Cameron Hughes, Head of Brand, EDF Energy, said: “Following the success of last year’s inaugural Team Green Britain Bike Week, EDF Energy is hoping that this year’s event can go even further in promoting low carbon transport to a wide audience. As the first sustainability partner of London 2012 we aim to get people back on their bikes before the Olympic Games arrive, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint, save money and get fitter in the process.”

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