Celebrate this banker with a bike ride

The 19th Cen- tury American entrepreneur George Peabody – founder of the bank that morphed into Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase – is being commemorated in a series of events to mark the 150th anniversary of his creation of Peabody, a fund which provided housing of a decent quality for the “artisans and labouring poor of London”. One of the events is a self-led bike ride around a number of the Westminster locations associated with Peabody.

George Peabody was a successful businessman and philanthropist who was the benefactor of educational initiatives in America as well as the creator of the Peabody Donation Fund, which became the Peabody Trust and which continues to this day as Peabody. The trust’s first dwellings were opened in Commercial Street, Spitalfields, in February 1864. 150 years later the organisation he founded is still going strong.

Peabody has created the Peabody Cycle Tour which visits some of the distinctive Peabody buildings and estates in London.

In the video below, Peabody chief executive Stephen Howlett leads a ride around Westminster.

The image of George Peabody on an Ordinary high-wheel bicycle is fanciful: he died in 1869, the year before the advent of the so-called ‘Penny Farthing’.

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