Norman Baker to face grilling from cycling MPs

Transport minister Norman Baker is to give a talk to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group on 1st December.

Entitled ‘The Government’s Cycling Policy’, the talk will be held in the Thatcher Room of Portcullis House.

The event is invitation-only.

Baker is the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, with responsibility for cycling, walking and the eminently sensible ‘travel less’ initiative.

“Part of my brief as a transport minister is to sometimes encourage you not to travel. I want to be the first virtual transport minister,” he told the Daily Telegraph back in the summer.

“This isn’t just pie in the sky; it could really work with just a little bit of flexibility.”

Baker wants the DfT and the rest of Whitehall to set an example with officials and ministers using video conferencing to cut back on their own travel.

In a brave move, Baker will be at the APPCG meeting in the flesh. He’s expected to get a rough ride, both from MPs and invited guests such as representatives of cycling groups and members of the bike press.

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