This week’s smog is yet another warning about failings of a car-centric transport policy, says Sustrans

Government warnings of high levels of air pollution across southern England and the Midlands should be a wake-up call, says Sustrans. Pollution is expected to reach 10 – the highest level on the air quality index.

Philip Insall, director of health for Sustrans warned:

“Hardly a day passes without new and frightening evidence of the harm done by our obsession with motorised transport.

“The World Health Organisation has calculated that globally, air pollution kills seven million people a year. In the UK it is a grave threat to health – and yet right in front of us is a major contribution to solving the air quality problem: a shift to walking and cycling for local trips.

“More people travelling on foot or by bike would mean less congestion and also cut the death toll from climate change and from physical inactivity.

“Today’s air quality warning is another red light for traditional car-dominated transport policies. Government needs to do much more, right now, in the way of policy and dedicated investment in clean, healthy travel such as walking and cycling.”

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