Re~Cycle movie premieres at New York's Bicycle Film Fest

‘Re~Cycle – The Journey of the Mighty Bike’ shows how bikes are collected and prepared by Re~Cycle volunteers in the UK, and the impact they have in Africa. The film focuses on Ability Bikes in Ghana, a bicycle co-op run by disabled staff.

Award-winning actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Memphis Belle, The West Wing, Sex and Lies in Sin City) is an urban cyclist and founder of Bicycle For A Day (BFAD). He is a big fan of Re~Cycle the charity that, for 10 years, has collected second-hand bikes, parts and tools in the UK and shipped them to African countries. There local partners teach people how to repair and maintain the bikes, helping them to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

The charity recently shipped its 30,000th bike.

Modine said:

“BFAD supports the efforts of Re~Cycle because it puts bikes within the reach of people that have no access to bicycles. Re~Cycle empowers individuals and offers them the possibility to learn how to rebuild bikes. Everybody wins: from the bike donors to the recipients whose lives are transformed upon receiving the gift.”

He added:

“Bicycling is one thing that most of us can do that has an immediate positive impact on the environment. Encouraging people to pedal bikes instead of using a petroleum powered vehicles is one of the goals of Bicycle for a Day/everyday. Bikes make people smile and the world can use a lot more of that!”

Merlin Matthews, founder of Re~Cycle said: “We hope that the film will help spread the word about what Re~Cycle does, and encourage others to make good use of unwanted bicycles, at home and abroad. We’re excited about the film and are delighted to have the support of Matthew Modine.”

The Bicycle Film Festival hosted the premiere of ‘Re~Cycle – The Journey of the Mighty Bike’. The festival and film will tour the world, appearing in 39 cities. The BFF will be in London in September 23rd-27th

Re~Cycle is looking for other film festivals and avenues to promote the film. The film will be available later to view on its website.

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