260,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases not emitted thanks to London’s 222 million annual cycle trips

Cycle journeys in London save the equivalent annual carbon emissions of 82,000 cars, says Sustrans.

New evidence from Sustrans London shows that over 260,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases were saved from cycling journeys made in London in 2014.

Figures shared by the charity show the estimated number of cycling trips in London increased to over 222 million in 2014.

Commenting on the findings, Matt Winfield, Acting Sustrans London Director, said:

“When it comes to tackling transport emissions here in London, it’s clear that cycling is one of the best investments the new Mayor can make.

“Cycling numbers are growing rapidly but still account for only a fraction of all journeys taken in London, yet the greenhouse gas savings for these journeys are estimated at over two hundred and sixty thousand tonnes. The benefits for our environment of enabling more people to get on their bikes for everyday journeys are enormous.”

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