And Wiggo’s signed jersey goes to …

Thanks to all those who entered our win-a-jersey competition – there were 109 entries. Before revealing the winner of the British Cycling Go-Ride jersey signed by Sir Bradley Wiggins here are some selected comments from the “what would you do with the jersey?” question (no, “sell it on eBay”, did not win):

I would kiss it, frame it, and bow to it every morning!

I’d frame it and put it in my kids’ room as a memento and testimony that if you chase your dreams … you can achieve them and if not at least you will know that you did your absolute best.

Wear it with pride for one then set out to do Lands End to John O’Groats. Llanelli to Paris and as many sportives as possible with the top on.

Frame it then donate it to a local childrens’ hospice

I’d frame it and then display it on my sons wall for inspiration (he’s learning to ride a bike at the moment and heroes always inspire him to progress)

My Dad is an enormous cycling enthusiast (obsession is an understatement), so I would gift it to him! To receive a jersey signed by Sir Brad would make is day, month and life!

I’d wear it to meet up with fellow old (very!) cycling buddies at one of our weekly venues – a good pub of course!

I would have it framed and put it pride of place in my new house. I could then pay homage to Britains most successful cyclist of all time and my inspiration to train. Wiggo is an example to us all both on and off the bike. Superstar. Family man. All round good egg. Cheers Wiggo.

Display it in my cycle shop with great pride for every body to see what a great cycle champion that Sir Bradley Wiggins is.

I’d give it to my bike-mad crush, so I’d have an excuse to talk to him. Sad, I know. But any excuse!

I would frame it and put it on my son’s bedroom wall to inspire him to learn to ride his bike without his stabilisers on (he is just 5)

Wear it every night for bed so I could dream what it would be like to be a world record holder like the amazing Wiggo!

I’d give it to my younger sister! We both race and she was inspired by Bradley Wiggins! She idolises him! She won her first time trial in Saturday so I’d give it to her as a well done!

Stick it my pipe and smoke it

I’d frame it and put it near the door so every time I went out on my bike I would be inspired to go faster for longer. When Sir Bradley won Tour de France it was the first time I’d watched cycling for years and reignited my competitive side. Aged 49 I cycled my first sportive in the Tour de Yorkshire and am training for Etape de Yorkshire on 4th July. Inspirational!!!!!

If I was to win the signed jersey it would be given to my 12 year old daughter who loves Sir Brad. He was her inspiration to start cycling after his tdf win. She has met him only once which was in Wakefield at the tdy. She spoke to him to wish in luck. He in turn talked to her about her team kit that she was wearing and told her it was cool.

Sell it on ebay.

I would frame this and place it on the wall for my three children to see so that they can take inspiration from it that if you try hard enough you can achieve what ever you want to

Frame it…..gawp at it……allow all the young ones at our Go;-Ride club to also gawp at it. Inspirational.



Darren Jeyes of Wellingborough Cycles: “I would hang it in our shop, telling customers about it to help promote cycling in our area, and loan it to local schools and give talks about the jersey and Sir Bradley to try and cut the high amount of obesity in our area.”

Bike Hub is the UK cycle industry’s levy fund and is a proud sponsor of British Cycling’s Go-Ride scheme.

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