Brits want more to be done for those on bicycles

The overwhelming majority of people in Britain would support greater provision for people on bicycles, suggests a new YouGov survey, commissioned by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

RoSPA has revealed that 68 percent of the 2,169 people questioned online at the end of February would support the introduction of “more cycle route provisions”.

The survey shows 58 percent of those surveyed never cycle, with 48 percent stating that they think it is unsafe to cycle in their local area, with 15 per cent stating that roads are “very unsafe”.

The survey was commissioned to coincide with have been revealed at the start of RoSPA’s Family Safety Week, which this year is calling for more cycling safety on Britain’s roads in order to encourage more people to get on their bikes.

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA’s road safety manager, said: “This survey reveals a stark message – we need to do more to ensure the country’s cyclists are safe on the road.

“Just over two-fifths said they do not cycle more often specifically because of worries for their safety, so this is an issue that we all need to take an interest in and address.

“The purpose of Family Safety Week is to encourage more people onto their bikes for the countless benefits that cycling offers, not least health and environmental, but to do this we need to ensure as a nation that people can do so without fear.”

Of those who said they would support more provision in their area, 78 per cent said they would like to see “more cycle lanes separate from the roads.”

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