Cycle orgs join together to push for more Government support for cycling

Top executives at five of cycling’s organisations penned a joint letter to The Times, urging central Government to do more for cycling. The Times has been running a high-profile #cyclesafe campaign.


The Times’ “Cities Fit for Cycling” campaign and the tens of thousands of people who have signed up to it shows the strength of public support for improved cycling conditions on Britain’s roads.

Its launch prompted supportive MPs to call for a 3-hour parliamentary debate on cycling, which provided a truly remarkable display of cross-party unity about what needs doing to encourage more and safer cycling.

Now what is needed is a plan to deliver these aims. This must tackle the risks and fears which deter people from cycling: high-speed traffic, irresponsible driving, hostile roads and junctions, and lorries. It will also need to include provision of dedicated space for cycling on main roads, cycle parking, cycle training and other targeted promotional activities, to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to take up cycling for day-to-day journeys.

In recent weeks, our organisations have been working with representatives of local authorities, motoring organisations, freight and road safety groups and others to outline such a plan. This has now been submitted to Transport Secretary Justine Greening MP.

However, the last two decades have taught us that policy documents setting out the many benefits of cycling are not enough. We seek commitment from the highest levels of Government to deliver a transformational increase in cycle use, and to secure the cross-departmental, cross-party and cross-organisational backing for the sustained investment this will require. If The Times’ campaign can achieve this, it will have left a real lasting legacy.

Executive Director, the Bicycle Association of Great Britain

Chief Executive, British Cycling

Executive Director, CTC, the national cyclists’ organisation

Chair, Cyclenation

England Director, Sustrans

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