Cycling is booming in London, new stats from TfL will reveal

According to stats to be revealed soon by Transport for London cycle use in the capital is still growing and, with the roll-out of new protected cycling infrastructure, is expected to keep growing. On some London bridges and streets there are now more cyclists than there are motorists, although cycling still only gets a tiny fraction of TfL’s spend on roads. (Pedestrians still dominate on many streets in London but people on foot are often missing from traffic stats.)

TfL forecasts that cycling increased by 12 percent in 2015

Las year Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “Cyclists are becoming ubiquitous in London and prove, if further proof were needed, why we need to crack on with catering for them. There can be no doubt that our trusty bicycles have changed the way people get around our great city.”

The Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling details a £913m ten-year programme to improve infrastructure for cyclists and “build on the boom in cycling from the last decade, which has seen cycling numbers double,” says TfL.

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