Knight of the road says 'We need more bike paths'

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph, Sir Chris Hoy told sports reporter Duncan White that Britain needs to become a more cycle friendly nation and could do with a lot more dedicated bicycle lanes.

The Olympic hero – and ambassador for the Sky TV sponsored Sky Ride series of have-a-go events – said:

“We’re getting there, definitely. I’ve seen a big change in the last two decades but there’s still a long way to go, obviously. Initiatives like the Sky Ride, getting one million new people on bikes by 2013, are making a big difference.

“You go to Belgium, Holland or Germany and cycling is just part of the culture over there. The cycle paths are everywhere and drivers are aware of cyclists. That’s the ultimate dream: that Britain does become a cycling-friendly nation. I’m always banging the drum for it.”

He had told White this while the pair went on a bike ride in Manchester, home to British Cycling.

At the end of the interview, Sir Chris said: “I’ve lived in Manchester for 20 years and I have literally no idea where we are.”

Sounds like he needs the Bike Hub cycling satnav app, available for iPhone and Androids.

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