Meet the man who built the world’s most spectacular bicycle bridge

Adriaan Kok is a senior designer at ipv Delft, a Dutch design company which specialises in bicycle bridges. He was the project manager for the construction of the Hoverning bicycle bridge, photos of which often go viral on social media.

Kok is presenting at Velo-city in Nantes and BikeHub met him at lunch time on the first day of the conference. A 14-minute version of his presentation – sure to be favourited by bike-bridge geeks from the around the world – has been posted on YouTube.

The Hovenring was commissioned by the tech city of Eindhoven, and is a suspended circular cycle bridge with a 70-metre high pylon in the middle. It was opened in 2012, and “floats” above a roundabout.

25,000 cars use the roundabout each day, with 5000 cyclists using the elevated cycleway. Cycle use is expected to double once more cycleways are constructed to link up with new building developments close to the bridge.

Kok and colleagues from ipv Delft worked on the Dutch CROW Design Guide for Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges. By registering with ipv Delft you can download an English-language copy of this inspirational guide.

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