Great cycle chic videos from TfL: “Everybody’s getting into it…”

Transport for London has re-released six videos to encourage Londoners to get on their bikes. There’s an intro video, set to music, as well as two videos featuring cycling celebs and three videos featuring new cyclists.

Via Twitter, AsEasyAsRiding told us that the videos were originally released two years ago (you know, when we had sunshine during the summer). It appears TfL has reissued them: they were uploaded at the end of June.

TfL said:

“London is a great place to ride a bike, and summer is the perfect time to get started.

“As well as getting you from A to B, cycling is a great way to explore your local area, or even the rest of London. Whether cycling with family or friends, or simply going out for a leisurely ride by yourself, there is always something new to discover.”

The celebs featured are radio and TV presenter Edith Bowman and X-Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary. The ‘real people’ featured include Mohamed, who is new to cycling and who went on a training course the learn the ropes.

Why did he start cycling?

“Seems like everybody’s getting into it…,” he said in the video.

Kay and Beth are shown cycling in flouncy summer dresses.

Beth said: “With cycling, the journey becomes an adventure.”

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