“Vote bike,” urges CTC

CTC has written to all prospective parliamentary candidates asking them publicly to register their personal views on cycling.

The candidates (there are no more MPs until after the election) were asked in a letter from CTC President – and Channel 4 News anchor – Jon Snow to indicate where they stand on five cycling themes: infrastructure, funding, ambition for growth, road safety and positive promotion.

These questions can also be found on the CTC’s votebike.org.uk. This will run for the duration of the election, will also allow the public to write to candidates encouraging them to publicly declare the strength of their support for cycling.

As well as reminding prospective parliamentary candidates about cycling’s importance to their future constituents, the website will also provide campaigners and constituents an easy to use database outlining their MPs’ stance on cycling after the election.

Paul Tuohy, CTC Chief Executive said:

“Around 40 percent of people of voting age in Great Britain have access to a bike. Every one of them has a vested interest in seeing conditions improve for cycling. Vote Bike gives them the means to quiz their future MPs and hear their thoughts on cycling.

“It’s not about trying to influence manifestos at this late stage. Candidates need to know this huge cycling vote exists.

“Under the past Parliament cycling has enjoyed a great amount of support from the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group under Julian Huppert, Ian Austin and Sarah Wollaston. Looking forward, CTC also hopes Vote Bike will help the group identify future members to carry on their good work of the next five years.”

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