Zoomed out map shows dense network of segregated cyclepaths in the Netherlands

Flickr user Microfight has uploaded an image that shows the differences between the cyclepath networks of Scotland, Denmark and the Netherlands. The network in the Netherlands is so dense at times there’s no lattice-work on show, just a solid.

The map artwork was created using data from OpenStreetMap. OpenCycleMap, as used by the Bike Hub cycle satnav app, is based on OpenStreetMap.

Cycle path comparison

Microflight said:

“Although there is a lot of noise and variation in the data, it is clear to see significant difference in resources invested in cycle infrastructure. Scotland has x16 less cyclepaths than the Netherlands.

“Bicycle rental points are pick up/drop off points like the ‘Boris Bike’ concept.

“The comparatively low number of bicycle racks mapped in Netherlands may due to the them being so ubiquitous as not to warrant mapping.”

The map (of which there’s a large version here) will be shown at the State of the Map Scotland Conference to be held in Edinburgh, 19-20th October.

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